A permanent home for great software businesses that serve financial institutions.

We are proudly serving more than 400 financial institutions with over
5.2 million members and clients globally.


Long-Term Orientation

We acquire businesses with a permanent time horizon.

Decentralized Operations

Our companies operate independently with full autonomy.

Founder’s Legacy

We’re committed to preserving your legacy and retaining all employees.


Global Wave Group

Aliso Viejo, CA


Richmond Hill, ON

Lodestar Technologies

Vancouver, BC

Sharetec Systems

Fort Wayne, IN



EFTG’s journey began in 2020 with the acquisition of Bradford-Scott Data Corporation, an original Sharetec reseller. This acquisition laid the cornerstone of EFTG’s vision to become the permanent home for great software businesses that serve financial institutions.

From 2021-2022, EFTG demonstrated a steadfast commitment to our credit union clients by acquiring all four Sharetec resellers under one roof, ensuring access to a unified and innovative core.

In 2023, EFTG displayed a commitment to credit unions and expanded our focus to banking partners. We welcomed Lodestar Technologies, which enhances data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities. Global Wave, a commercial loan origination platform, joined the team, to streamline the lending process for our institutions. And, Infonancial, a Canadian core processor serving credit unions since 1989.

Our journey is marked by continual growth and a true customer focus, providing our financial institution clients with the utmost quality and positioning our technology partners to operate at the highest standard. Are you ready to come aboard?